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How are you suppose to judge someone off their Facebook?

That was the dilemma I was faced when trying to pick a roommate.

Do I pick the keg vulture or the workaholic?

Social butterfly or the introvert?

These are all real considerations,and all of which I evaluated.

First thing I was looking for was someone who was into sports. There is no way I could get through an entire year with someone who didn’t care about sports. I mean look how much success I’ve had with making “artistic” or “creative” friends. No, no, I think I’ll stay with the jocks.

Another thing I was looking for was how social this person is. That’s where facebook began to play a major role. I checked how many friends they had,how often they updated their status, and I basically dissected every picture they had. Sure all of this stuff is extremely superficial, but what else was I supposed to do? Let fate decide?

Yeah right.

With my luck I’ll get stuck with the home bound necrophiliac who is allergic to his own dandruff.

So I scanned through a perspective group of candidates.Trying to avoid complete frat bros while not wanting to get stuck with tho kid who has a peanut allergy.

This whole process was extremely weird it was like I was trying to sell myself to these random people, it was borderline prostitution if you ask me. I mean how much can you really learn from someone’s facebook.

Jesus, on my facebook I have that I am a Bess Rogers fan. I don’t even know who the hell she is.

I reached out to somebody that seemed like a decent choice. He played basketball and was all about sports.

We talked a little bit and I though things were going well until…

He found someone else.

Where did I go wrong?

Was it something I said?

Was it my profile pic,(at the time it was national Sara Bennis week, So I could see how that sent the wrong message)

I felt like that self conscious girl who only drink water in front of people but is hiding that Mountain Dew in her backpack.

Truth is I really have no idea what it was.

Maybe he just found someone better.

Someone better than me? Yeah, I guess a 5’7 Iranian who snores,talks way too much, and has been known to get involved in his fair share of drama isn’t the most appealing thing.

I ended up finding a different guy who played football for Downington East.

He seems like a real chill, laid back type of dude that knows when to have fun, but also knows when to crack down and hit the books.

I think I chose wisely, but who knows?

College is all about making new friends and gaining experiences.

Your roommate choice is not your end all be all but hopefully we get along that is really all I can ask for.


Ahhhh. The wonderful feel of freedom.

It’s something that I have not been privilege to since last summer.

You see last summer my mom tore her Achilles tendon and has not returned to work,until last week that is.

Don’t get me wrong I love my mom, but having her around 24/7 was not working out for anyone. She was constantly breathing down my neck asking me to get laundry or take out the dogs, she even kept bothering me about finding a prom date, which was anything but fun. So to say her return to work was exciting for me is a little bit of an understatement.

I was used to having my house to myself during the week, well at least till about 6 o’clock so losing that was tough,but the part that was really tough was summer.

Spending every minute together for the better part of last summer was anything but a joy, we constantly fought and bickered, mostly because I’m lazy and because she is a little OCD. Either way there was no chance of me making it through another summer with my mom, and with June rapidly approaching the fear of god was in me.

I knew the Mayans predicted 2012 to end in apocalyptic disaster, I didn’t know they were referring to me cleaning up my room before my mom killed me.

Luckily all that was averted when her DR’s gave her the OK to return to work.

At firsr it was great, I laid on the couch drinking Mr.Pibb’s and snacking on pretzel’s without a care in the world, the good ole days just how I remembered them, but then I started to seek snacks outside your normal pantry findings.

Maybe a nice sandwich, or some nachos.

So I made myself a nice meal, but it just wasn’t the same caliber as my mom’s, when it comes to these kind of things it just seems like mom’s have some sort of imprint on their DNA that gives them that special touch.

Also I needed my jersey washed for tomorrow, who was gonna do that?

With no mom around, that responsibility now fell on me, great.

This probably sounds terrible, like I’m using my mother or something, but I assure you that’s not the case I just began to realize how much my mom was doing for me while she was “not working”.

Snacks and laundry was just the tip of the iceberg, she was always there to talk and help me and now I had nowhere to turn. I guess I could chat with Sam and Toby( my precocious dogs), but they are more of the listening type.

My mom really had been doing everything for me when she was injured, but I was just too damn stupid too realize it at the time, I was so busy whining about what I had to do that I never stopped and realized everything she was doing, bad tendon and all.

I guess it really is true, you never know what you got till it’s gone.


#1 in the district, #3 in the state, #9 in the country.

And we freaking blew it.

We had them beat, you figure we run a little delay game,get a couple stops, and we end up “mounting” (pun intended) an upset against Ephrata.

5 minutes left up 4 goals you figure that this game is pretty much over with, boy were we wrong.

There wasn’t one play or one player that lost us the game, no,no,it was a team effort.

We self destructed, I must say it was probably the worst loss of my life ( McCaskey triple overtime is was probably just as bad, but this one is more recent so right now it hurts more).

Lacrosse has always been second to my love for basketball,but man did I want that win Tuesday night.

I gotta admit that I was skeptical we could beat Ephrata, the paper hyped them, they had a great goalie, they slaughtered Hempfield( Hempfield beat us 12-3), and our last game we only one by one to a subpar Cedar Crest team.

They scored right away giving them the early lead, a lead that would only last minutes.

We responded quickly putting in 2 goals before the end of the 1st quarter.

The second quarter was a 3-3 draw so we went into half up 5-4.

The third quarter was fairly uneventful, slowed down by penalty’s and sloppy play, we were able to put another goal heading to the 4th with a two goal advantage.

My homeboy DJ Mitchy D put in two goals in the beginning of the 4th
and I really thought we had sealed the deal.

But like so many times in my sports career I was sadly mistaken.

We collapsed, a choke job so bad you would think that Lebron was on our team.

The final score was 8-9 in overtime, I left the field with my head down and heart broken.

This was our chance and now it was gone.

There is no guarantee that we will play them again, so for it to end the way it did was pretty devastating.

There was a silver lining though, we played absolutely amazing, our offense was crisp, our defense followed the game plan and we finally looked like a legit contender.

I’m really not sure what the rest of the season will bring, probably a little joy, a little anguish, and a lot of fun.

Hopefully we get another chance at top teams in the league, because now we proved to ourselves that we can beat anybody, we just need to prove it to everyone else.

I have probably somewhere around 15-20 games left in my career and I really hope that I am able to make the most of them or I know I’ll regret it for life.

I love sports and for once in my life it would be nice see that love reciprocated maybe even in the form of a league championship.


I can’t sleep, I can’t think, I can’t breathe.

It must be spring.

Every year my eyes tear up, my nose explodes violently with uncontrollable sneezing fits, and I want to scratch my eyes out. To put it plain and simple it sucks. Alot. I mean you think I’d get used to by now, maybe find a medicine that can provide me some relief,nope. I think that it may actually be getting worse. From the time I left my car today to the time that I sat down in my first block I sneezed 8 times. Yes 8 times. The entire sleeve of my jacket was covered in snot filled mist, thank god my jacket was fairly water repellent, or I would have quite a damp dousing on my hands.

When I finally did settle down into first block, my nose began its incessant running. I scanned the room for a tissue maybe even some paper towel, but much to my dismay I saw nothing that could provide me a momentary reprieve from agonizing allergies. So I sat there wiping snot my arm, wishing there was some alternative, there wasn’t.

I guess maybe I could of asked to go to bathroom but lack of passbook as well as not wanting to miss classtime left my in a real quandary.

So I sat there sneezing and sniffling for an hour and a half.

Thank god the kid who sits next to me was absent otherwise I would have had no where to turn to unleash my colossal sneezes. The kids who walked next to me in the hall were not so lucky. I mean it’s not like I didn’t try to block my spew, but when your sneezing four or five times in a row its pretty difficult to cover all of them.

Driving is whole other problem, I am almost drive blind because every couple seconds I am forced to close both my eyes cock my head back and just let it happen.

Now my eyes are even worse.

I scratch,claw, and rub them nearly all day. My eyes have permantent tint of red for most of the spring. A lot of my teachers think I’m tired. I really wish that was that case, but unfortunately my allergies prevent me from every being tired, because they act up every minute or so.

After school I spend two-and half hours in a rough grassy field, running around and kicking pollen into my eyes which only compunds the problem. By the time I get home I look like an alcoholic insomniac.

Speaking of pollen, I bet you didn’t that it’s at record levels this year. In fact it more than four times the average amount this year.

Great. Just Great.

Benadryl,Allergra,Claritin, the list goes on and on. I’ve tired them all with no results.

I guess I’m just doomed to a life of sneezing and scratching.

Oh well, I just makes the emergence of summer just a little bit sweeter (if that’s even possible).


15 marking periods down one to go.

My high school career is rapidly coming to an end and there really isn’t much I can do to stop it. Some kids always berate Penn Manor and say how much they hate it…

Shut up.

I love Penn Manor and I always will, just ask the girl from last Friday who tried to say Manheim Central was better than PM, it’s fair to say I gave her more than a piece of my mind.

This school has been amazing for me. I’ve learned so much and will never ever forget the experiences I have.

The friends I’ve made I’ll never forget, yea sure some I’ll probably never see again, but that dosen’t I’ll forget them.

Sure we’re not Hempfield or Township we aren’t rich. we dont alawys win sporting events, and we aren’t all going to good colleges.

But I’ll be dammed if someone tells me that any school is better than mine.

We are unique, and I like it.

I’ve never had any problems in PM (well except for my turbulent last month or so).

Despite what some of my peers may say this school is fair and really does try it’s best to prepare us for life.

I’ve had so many teachers that have helped guide me, from Mr. Luft my freshmen year to Ms.Vita and Mr Meier my senior year ( I know I left out Mrs.B but I’ve had her every year so she pretty much goes without saying).

I’m going to miss football games, 5th quarter, and fried oreos.

I’m going to miss 2hr delays, early dismissals, and 3 day weekend.

I’m going to miss lunch conversations,procrastinating with partners, and homeroom chats.

More than anything I am truly going to miss the people.

Yea sure people from springdale I’ll always be friends with, but what about the other people.

What about the Mitch Domin’s,Dayonte Dixon’s, and Landon Alexcih’s of the world.

What about the Meg Schleg’s, Beck Shue’s, and Sara Bennis’ of the world.

Chances are that after I graduate from college I’ll never see these people again, which is nearly impossible to fathom, but is something that I really am going to have to accept.

I love these people and I always will, but we will all grow up and move on with our lives, but we will always have our high school memories.

So one marking period is all it boils down to.

45 days.

Hopefully they are the best 45 days my high school career ( they most likely won’t be, but I can hope) because after that the real world starts.

So class of 2012 lets live it up, we have one last chance to enjoy it with each other.


I want to apologize Mrs B because this is probably the 10th bracket/march madness blog your going to have to read.


Just Why?

Why do I even fill out a freaking bracket?

All I get from it is a headache,heartache, and heartbreak.

Every year I fill one out.

I pick 63 games.

63 games that I have total confidence… or at least I think I do.

I spend nearly every minute from the time the brackets are released on Sunday night to Thursday afternoon tinkering with and trying to fix it.

I over think nearly every aspect of every game and work myself into a tizzy.

Do I follow my heart?

Do I follow my head?

Is too much chalk Bad?

Is too many upsets bad?

Is the big east any good?

Can anybody beat Kentucky?

And for god sake will Syracuse ever not be disappointing?

Yeah there is no way that I’m not going to fill out a bracket but I start to wonder if I should even bother?

I can’t even enjoy the games because I’m so freaking worried if my bracket is busted or not.

And by about 730 on that first thursday night I find myself at or near the bottom of my bracket group.


I know as much as anybody in my pool about b-ball, but that probably is my problem.

I think I’m a lot smarter than I am ( Mrs B I know your smiling, but I’m still cocky so don’t too excited)

I mean I guess everyone does, but I really do.

I think I’m the next Andy Katz or Joe Lunardi ( Joe did a pretty terrible job picking last 4 in and out this year,but give him a break everybody has a rough year).

Why else would I pick three #13 seeds.

I over think.

I do it in nearly every aspect of my life, test,relationships,basketball, (obviously not blogs thought, if I had thought maybe I could have saved myself some trouble.)

Last year I had zero teams in the final four.

Yes 0.

Any bum can pick at least one team, but not me.

I always either go too sexy or too conservative.

I can’t find that happy medium.

I throw at least 10 dollars away every year by putting it into the pot even though I know I’ll never win.

All this being said March Madness is the best time of the year.

The entire school is a buzz. Everyone from your best friend to the freshmen you drive to practice are asking you who ya got?

You really cant avoid it.

I feel bad for the one kid at our lunch table who dosent give a lick about college basketball, because for the next couple weeks he is going to have little to no input in the conversation. It’s almost as if he’s a leper.


Because college basketball is the best thing… ever.

No matter how crazy it drives me, I will always fill out a bracket.


Because I love it too much not to.


It doesn’t even seem real.

Manning in a different uniform

I cannot name another player that is more associated with their team than Peyton Manning is with the Colts.

Excuse me, was with the Colts.

I understand the Colt’s position. They have an aging star quarterback coming off multiple serious neck surgeries.

This compounded by the fact that their dismal 2-14 record, with Manning on the sidelines, landed the Colts the number one overall draft pick.

Most years the number one pick lands you a phenomenal talent.

But this year… It might land you something a little more.

Andrew Luck.

He is and has been the consensus number one pick for two years now.

People say that he is… well… the next Peyton Manning.

Teams and Gm’s have been gushing over this guy for what seems like an eternity.

The Stanford QB can make all the throws and has all the intangibles to make him a truly exceptional talent at the NFL level.

Miami Dolphin fans even started a campaign called ” Suck for Luck.” They were encouraging their team to lose games in order to lock up the first pick and subsequently Andrew Luck.

So Luck is in … and Manning is out.

The list of teams willing to take the fresh free agent Manning ballooned to twelve team not even a full day after he had been released.

Where Manning goes is not important (well it is to the NFL, but on a more personal and serious note it’s not)

The fact that he is leaving at all is.

It’s truly sad to see a person who has spent his entire career with one team to have to be relegated to a new place during the latter part of their career.

As sad as it is we honestly see it all the time.

McNabb with the Eagles… even though he never got the respect he deserved it’s hard to see him backing up a rookie in Minnesota, after leading them to multiple NFC championships and one Superbowl.

Brett Favre is another great example of a player who was synonymous with a team. He was a Packer legend, but his career there did not end on the best terms. Not to mention that Aaron Rodgers success had made Favre easier to forget.

Maybe the most famous case of this is when Michael Jordan came back and played for the… Wizards?

It was practically a crime to see him in another uniform beside the red and black of the Chicago Bulls.

A team that he won six NBA titles with.

I myself shudder to think about the possibility that one day Kobe Bryant will be wearing another color beside the purple and gold.

Manning will be moving on that’s for certain.

What isn’t certain is where he’ll be playing.

But no matter if its the Dolphins,Jets, and maybe even the Texans( which I’m rooting for I mean Arian, Andre, JJ Watt, and Peyton. That would be a formidable team).

I’ll always remember #18 in the blue and white.


I hate to quote someone from twitter but Austin Rowley said it best.
“The Seussical more like the Poopsical”.

The play preview left many Penn Manor students saying…

“What the hell was that?”

I myself leaned over many times during the play and said, “What the F$#@ is going on?”

Even a kid sitting near me who posted an above 1400 SAT score was bewildered.

I had never been so lost in my life.

The play just made absolutely no sense.

It was a convoluted mess. The play had no flow or structure. I’m sure there was a story but it got lost somewhere in between the reference to Jersey Shore and the Grinch.

I really can’t blame the students. It’s not like they wrote the musical or had any say in it.

So I have to criticize their advisers.


I have always claimed Mintzer to be the worst teacher I’ve ever had, I thought she spent too much time with the play and not enough teaching.

Well apparently she failed in both categories this time.

How could you possibly allow your students to put that on?

What happened to the days of West Side Story and 13 Past Midnight?

Back when Penn Manor put on truly entertaining shows.

Is it lack of natural ability?

Maybe, but I really don’t think so. I believe we have enough capable actors/actresses to put on a solid performance.

Is it the advisers?

Probably, but I can’t put all the blame on them.

I think it’s mostly poor play picking decisions.

Beauty and the Beast, Dracula, and now the Seussical would all be great plays for five year olds, not high schoolers.

Before I entered high school, I went to both the fall play and spring musical every year. I always looked forward to them.

In fact, I enjoyed Fiddler on the Roof so much that I could not stop singing “If I was a Rich Man” for nearly two months.

Since I’ve entered high school, I’ve been to exactly 0 plays.

I’ll admit, I missed Little Shop of Horrors due to basketball otherwise I probably would have went. Other than that all the previews have been so dreadful that was once enthusiasm turned into complete disdain. I have pretty much decided that there are better ways to spend my Friday night than watching a boring play.

The Seussical resembled a bad acid trip; a lot of color, hard to understand, and a massive headache afterward.

It truly is a shame that the seniors had to go out with this as their final play because they truly have dedicated a lot of time and effort into the program and it would be nice for them to see the fruits of their labor.

Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and while Penn Manor was trying to tribute him, if Dr. Seuss is probably rolling over in his grave.


So I’ve finally decided.

I think.

I’ve been contemplating whether I should become a Pitt Panther or a Penn State Nittany Lion.

The Winner is…


I’m not 100% sure but I’m damn close.

It really came down to the distance Pitt is just so far away and as small as I though the PSU dorms were Pitt’s seemed even smaller.

Also I had some fear about going to a city/school where I know nobody.

I get that the whole college thing is to meet new people and experience new things.

That’s great and all but I still need some sort of security blanket.

The only people knew I going to Pitt were more so acquaintances than friends so I couldn’t really rely on them.

At PSU I plan on rooming with one of my friends so I think it’ll make the transition a lot easier.

Everyone says that’s a terrible reason to go to a school…

They Say you’ll meet new people…

They are probably right ,but in all honesty that was basically the only difference between them.

They are about the same price, ranked about the same in my major, and both offer that big school feel.

I must admit that I did really like the city of Pittsburgh but… it’s still 4 and a half hours away.

That’s a long distance for someone who has never been away from home for more than a week.

A lot of people have said to me that I’m making the wrong decision.

People say things like, “It’s just a party school”, “All they have is football”, “What about the whole Sandusky thing?”, “Their are just too many distractions.”

I even had one person, a teacher in fact say something along the lines of if you go to Penn State you will ruin four years of your life.

All of this is true…well…maybe

Maybe everybody is right …

Oh well its my decision and I’ll learn from it.

I hope.

Who really knows if their making the right decsion for college.

We are all just a bunch of high school students trying to figure out our future.

There is no magic plan to follow or perfect path that leads to success.

We all just hope that we can do enough so that one day we can look back on our lives and be proud of it.

Most people say the point of college is to prepare you for life.

That’s true…

But is also your last opportunity to be a kid and enjoy the a safety of school.

PSU can offer me both of those things.

After a long week of studying hard I can go to Beaver Stadium and scream my heart out for the Nittany Lions.

After a tough politcal science exam I cam stop by the creamery for some comfort food.

Yeah I know I can do that at every school but not every school is like PSU.

The tradition, the history, the greatness..

I gotta say it…


(unless I change my mind and go to Pitt in that case… HAIL TO Pitt)


Last Wednesday marked the end of my basketball career.

It ended with a rather mundane victory over a bottom feeder team. I scored an unimpressive four points in the finale of my basketball story.

I have played basketball since kindergarten. It’s by far my greatest passion and the realization that I’ll never play another meaningful minute of basketball again is kind of depressing.

I have definitely had my ups and down and I’d be lying if I said that there hadn’t been times that I contemplated giving it up.

I never did. I just really could never let it go.

Everyone has that time when their career ends for some its middle school others college and the luckiest get to end their career as a professional.

I mean sure ill play in rec leagues for as long as I can, but its not the same.

I’ll never be able to play with my friends and family watching and cheering me on. I’ll never get mocked by an opposing student section. I’ll never knock down a big three against Solanco again. I’ll never air ball a monster three against Mccaskey again ( I’m not really going to miss that). I’ll never bank in a tough floater against Township again. I’ll never give up an and one against Hempfield again.

But Most of all I’ll never get to play with my teammates again.

I’ve been playing with some of them since 5th grade.Think about it that’s 7 years of being teammates.

So to see it all end on one night is pretty crazy.

I have no regrets about playing basketball it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve built bonds that hopefully will also forever and I’ve created memories that I’ll cherish.

Like when I gave Reagan a bloody nose while we were celebrating Burch’s halfcourt buzzer beater.

Or when Quinn filmed the cheerleaders( Quinn has done to many humorous things to list, but he’s left me with a lot of memories).

Or when Joey got ball tapped at the end of the Township game.

Or When Carmichael tried to dunk on Quinn.

Or When Jay blocked the ish out Joey crack.

Or when Errol and Jon christman had their epic practices battles, and when after a 30 point loss we had to listen to Errol take a dump.

Or when Marc dropped 48.

Or when Daulton would drive home after practice and get slushies and just BS.

Or When Brady would fart uncontrollably.

Or When Burch hit the most incredible half court shot ever.

Or whenever me and Landon talked because honestly we are so similar its kinda weird.

Or when Coach Detz finally realized that he says “Nothing” a little different than most people.

One way or another I’ve had special memories with every single one of my teammates and there are so many others that Could think of.

That’s what I’ll take away from this season, not what could have been, but what it was.

One last chance to be with my teammates.